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What Is Sand Used for?

Sand is granular by rock weathering after rain erosion, or by rolling out of the rock particle size which is from 0.074 to 2mm. In general, sand can be widely used in road construction, filtration, aquaculture, landscaping and other industries. It can be also used as fast solvent in smelting process, glass manufacture, porcelain production, etc. There are many kinds of sand: river sand, sea sand, metal sand, natural sand, rock weathering sand and so on. The main component of common sand is silicon dioxide (SiO2). Sand generally contains a small amount of soil, soil content and grade level defined by building. The apparent density of construction sand is greater than 2500kg /m3, loose bulk density of greater than 1350kg/m3.

The thickness degree of sand refers to the average degree of thickness of different sizes of sand mixed together. The particle size grading refers to the proportion of sand. If it is come up with the same thickness of sand, the gap is the largest, two kinds of grain size of sand with up, and the gap has decreased, three kinds of grain size of sand with smaller voids. Thus, the sand porosity depends on sand particle size collocation degree at all levels. In general, the suitable grade sand can not only save cement, but also improve the density and strength of concrete and mortar. The thickness degree of sand is expressed by the fineness modulus. To sand, the higher fineness modulus, the coarser the sand is. According to the fineness modulus of sand, the size range can be divided into coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, fine sand.

How To Make Sand Storage Efficiently and Conveniently?

Sand steel Silo

Let’s look at the main use of sand in construction industry first. The sand in the construction industry is mainly used with cement and the other concrete materials. Sand effects in concrete is filling the void of stones and making concrete denser. In addition, it can improve the workability and fluidity of concrete. The sand itself does not participate in the concrete hydration process, but it can ensure good liquidity of the concrete and reduce cement shrinkage of the concrete while cutting down the cost.
Sand is so commonly used, how should we store it? AGICO sand storage silo is your best choice. AGICO sand storage silo is constructed with special equipment when it is built. In the process of rolling, silo wall is made into a spiral convex band with thickness five times more than the material, and width of 30 to 40mm, which highly strengthens carrying capacity of the silo, and makes its overall intensity and stability as well as shock resistance better than the other silos.

Benefits of Steel Silos for Sand Storage

  • Sand has strong water absorption, easy to damp, drying of the sand needed in many cases, dry storage has become a major problem in the storage of sand.
  • AGICO sand steel silo can solve these problems. AGICO using high-tech materials to create the steel silo, sealed performance is excellent, can obstruct outside moist air into, so as to ensure the constant temperature of the cabin air and dry, efficient protection of sand storage. 
  • Sand has a strong liquidity, is not easy to place. If there are no obstacle to stacking forming placed very troublesome, takes up a lot of space, causing a lot of wasted space, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise.
  • AGICO sand storage silo can help you solve the problem, natural cylindrical silo wall, for sand into the good package tied, very good solve the sand flow of difficult storage problem.
  • Sand particles themselves are very light and small. When a gust wind blows, open-air storage sand will be dispersed in the air, affecting the quality of the surrounding air, resulting in serious environmental pollution. In case of strong winds, there may be the formation of sandstorm, harm the surrounding environment. Tiny sand particles suspended in the air, inhaled human respiratory system can cause serious harm.
  • If you choose AGICO sand storage steel silo, you will not meet the problem of pollution mentioned above. AGICO steel silo has good sealing property, efficient storage of sand, material loss rate to a minimum, at the same time saving the cost of production for you.
  • Sand clay content is restricted intended use of an important indicator of the sand, open storage often affected by weather and other factors, make their own sand clay content some changes, thus affecting the use effect of sand.
  • AGICO sand storage steel silo uses airtight silo storage. The inside silo can be installation of temperature control system, effectively regulate the cabin temperature and humidity, to meet the sand itself with mud weight invariant constant to the preservation of the environment, it is conducive to high quality sand long-term efficient storage.
  • Sand in many applications, especially in the use of concrete; require special attention to maintain many of its physical properties. Ordinary concrete gravel concrete amount of about three-quarters of the total weight, the quality of sand and gravel for concrete is very important; it not only affects the strength of concrete, but also greatly affects the durability and performance of concrete structures.
  • For long time in the humid environment of the important concrete structures used in sand and gravel should be tested for alkali activity. Long-term in a humid environment of concrete structure means in wet or dry wet alternate environment, directly with water or moist soil contact of the concrete, such as underground structures, buildings with pile foundation, basement, in high salt area concrete engineering, salt chemical pollution the dyed area of engineering. Caused by sand stone active reaction in concrete should have three conditions: water, high alkali active aggregate. Aggregate to produce alkali reactivity, directly affect the durability of concrete, the safety of the building and service life, so the long-term in a humid environment of the important concrete structure with sand and gravel should be tested for alkali activity.
  • AGICO sand steel silo with constant temperature and humidity storage environment can be a very good guarantee sand raw materials is not easy to degeneration, to maintain the original physical and chemical characteristics. Dedicated to the professional raw materials storage and use of the manufacturers, the choice of AGICO sand storage steel silo, is absolutely the most correct.

In view of the above the special demand of sand in the special environment, you should choose a more professional steel silo supplier, and AGICO steel silo is your best choice. AGICO steel silo provides a kind of storage method for galvanized steel silo, which provides a good solution to industrial raw material storage. With decades of experience in the design and manufacture of storage, AGICO is engaged to build your quality trustworthy product.

Why Choose AGICO Sand Storage Steel Silo?

AGICO is a professional company specialized in the construction of the entire steel silo system for building materials, sewage treatment, cement, fly ash, industrial powder and chemical substances. This is one of the top 100 private enterprises in China building materials. We have many types of silo analysis units, the SM40 SM50 SM30. We have been studying and updating our analytical equipment technology, and we have successfully established a high quality steel silo in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Australia, etc.

Lower price and short construction period 

AGICO uses professional equipment to manufacture the sand storage steel silo. With special equipment for bending and seaming, the sealing of the silo is particularly good. Using the advanced technology and equipment, we can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, so a sand steel silo with a capacity of 1000 tons could be done within 5-7 days. We use bilayer bending method to bend and shape two different sheet materials at one time, so the cost for storing strong corrosive materials in chemical industry can be largely reduced.

Cost-effective investment

We have trained and experienced team players, so that the construction period is rather short. The AGICO sand storage steel silo is constructed on site and the silo’s roof can be installed on the ground. Short duration can be guaranteed for on-site construction during the whole procedure.

During the rolling process, the silo wall undercut a 30mm-40mm spiral convex strip, which is 5 times thicker of the material. It helps improve the silo's loading capacity and makes the sand storage steel silo better than others in overall strength, stability and earthquake resistance.

Besides, AGICO uses high anticorrosive material which makes the silo’s working life much longer than that of the others. Once you choose AGICO sand storage steel silo, you have made the right decision to get the best choice.

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