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As a diversified conglomerate, AGICO GROUP is devoted to making a better world by bridging the needs of human beings. AGICO is the leading and professional enterprise of import and export trade of steel silo, flour making machinery, oil making machinery, wood & feed pellet machinery, steel plates, dried fruits and LED light, etc. AGICO has an efficient administrative system and professional experience, specialized workshop and engineering group, and provides best service to clients all over the world.
The industrious hand of AGICO improves the self-development and service quality. With the continuous improving on the quality of our products and services, AGICO was awarded by Ministry of Economic and Trade of the People’s Republic of China for its exporting capacity in 2002. In 2005, it passed through the authentication of ISO9001 international quality system, which made its products and services well known world widely. Products from AGICO are popular with clients from 31 domestic provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and welcomed in more than eighty nations and districts such as the US, Argentine, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, Etc.
After nearly 20 years of development, AGICO GROUP has developed into an integrative enterprise group which has five wholly-owned and holding subsidiary companies, KMEC, GEMCO, ANSON and AGICO FOODS. The four subsidiaries are the four fingers of a hand, which is ready to serve you exclusively professionally and sincerely.
AGICO Steel Silo has been one of the famous leading brands in the steel silo industry of China for decades, which is founded on powerful technology and excellent performance. As one of the main products of AGICO, spiral steel silos are equipped with the most advanced equipments and professional expertise. Even more important, AGICO can provide all-round service including design, research, construction and development of spiral steel silos for different industries. In the field of steel silo industry, AGICO took the lead in the secondary qualification of steel structure engineering contracting, and adopted the ISO9001 international quality system certification, independent qualification of import and export business.
AGICO steel silo has the superior advantages of beautiful appearance, stable structure, good resistance to corrosion, best airtight and wide applications. In addition, our professional working team can successfully accomplish the whole construction project of silo in short period at low cost but guarantee its long serving life for over 30 years. The height and diameter of the silo can be arbitrarily selected in a large range. The diameter of silo body may be from 3m to 28m with theoretical height of 35m. Minimum distance between two silos is just 500mm, which can make full use of space and effectively reduce site area. AGICO steel silo is equipped with highly automatic attached machines, so the user is very easy and convenient for management. Our products can be widely applied in fields of cement, mineral powder, powder coal ash, etc. After years of construction experience of steel silos, AGICO has attained good reputation on international market.

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