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A coal silo is used for storing the coal and coal slag, and the silos we provide are spiral steel silos which have good proofness. AGICO has professional team, reasonable design, advanced silo forming machine, appropriate steel forming process, and coal and coal slag storage silo has solid structure and can be constructed during short construction period. Steel coal silos that AGICO manufacture can’t be removed and they are widely used in industrial production. We can provide different size of coal steel silo for the storing of coal and coal slag. AGICO is a professional manufacturer that produces high quality steel coal silos and provides service from design, manufacture and installation fitting according to the clients' requirements.

Coal Steel Silo

Advantages of Using Coal and Coal Slag Steel Silo

Good Overall Performance and Long Service Life

The silos are constructed entirely by special equipments during the construction process. In rolling process, the outside wall is formed into a spiral raised ridges (30 mm to 40 mm) which the thickness is five times of the raw material blade. Greatly enhancing the capacity of the silo, and make the silo more stable, in addition, the shock resistance is also strengthened. Adopting high quality steel plate, the service life of steel silo can last for 30~40 years according to the requirements of anti-corrosion and anti-grinding of steel silo. 

Short Construction Period and Low Cost

Adopting professional equipment to manufacture coal steel silo tank, with special equipment for bending and seaming, the bending speed can reach of 3-5m per minute. So a steel coal silo with a capacity of 1000 tons could be done within 5-7 days. Spiral forming plates all use high quality steel plate, the weight is only equivalent to the weight of steel bar in the same capacity concrete silo of, which greatly reducing the cost. 

Small Occupation Area and Easy to Operate 

Compared with other steel silo, the diameter and height of spiral steel silo can be varied according to the customers, and the minimum distance of two spiral steel silo can be 500mm. So we can the full advantages of space. Spiral steel silo is of high degree automation, it can be equipped with temperature measurement equipment, material level measuring equipment, etc. It is very convenient for users to manage.

High Strength and Durability

Using superior quality galvanized steel sheet for constructing coal and carbon granule bins. These high quality sheets we use are supplied by Handan Iron and Steel Company. The sheet is in uniform thickness and galvanized with 275g/㎡of zinc with high corrosion resistance. In addition, the forming seam of steel silo is 5 times of the raw steel plate, making the steel silo durable and increasing the loading capacity.   

Different Choice of Height and Diameter

AGICO can provide coal steel silo of different the height and diameter within a wider range. The diameter varies from 3m to 28m, while the heighe can reach 30m. The customers can choose different capacity of coal silo according to their need.

Prevent the Coal and Coal Slag from Oxidation and High Temperature

The storage of coal and coal slag should be prevented from light, wind and high temperature. Open-air storage can make the coal and coal slag in oxidation state and cause coal spontaneous combustion. Using steel silo for storing coal, not only environment-protective, but also greatly decrease the oxidation rate and set ventilating shaft for the coal. 

Steel Coal Silos Construction Process

  1. Prepared foundation work for the construction of steel silo, including flat bottom and steel structure and flat bottom, the final discharge hole size, and the steel silo size. 
  2. Prepare steel forming and seaming equipments for building steel silo based on the diameter and height of the silo.
  3. Place the upper ring in the middle of the silo and put the installation steel frame in the in the appropriate place, and then put away bending machine, forming machine, and raw material galvanized steel plate in the center of the silo. With the help of installation tools, bend the galvanized plate, and begin the forming of steel plate. Notice that the width and length of the constructing silos in schemed planning. 
  4. Install the silo roof and weld the purlins as designed in a circle, and make sure that the upper ring suits for the roof.

Advanced Silo Forming Machine for Storing Coal and Coal Slag

The machine that we use for seaming the steel plate is SM30 seaming machine from Germany. It is composed of molding machine, bending machine, uncoiler and bearing frame. Molding machine is mainly used for sheet bending and preliminary molding into the shaped steel plate that we need for the seaming. And the material is bent to the desired diameter in the following process, and the bending machine is responsible for rolling the sheet metal into the silo shape as well. The decoiler plays the function of unfolding the steel sheet. The bearing frame can confirm the appropriate of diameter of the coal slag steel silo, and the bins uplifting attached in the surface of the bearing frame, it can bearing the weight of steel bins and lift it to the proper height to the suitable position. 
There are two types of bending and seaming machine such as SM30, SM40. SM30 is mainly used for folding the steel sheet of 1.5-3mm, while SM40 is used in the application of 2-4mm sheet bending. The seaming machine put the raw material steel sheet into the required shape we need, and then bent seams around the outside of the silo to form a continuous surrounded 30-40mm spiral ridges. Strengthening structure of the silo, and the stability prolongs the service life of steel coal and coal slag silo. 
The machine that we use in the construction of steel coal silo is SM30 seaming machine. It can reach the seaming speed of 3.0~5.0m/minutes, saving the machine installation time, shortening the construction period and greatly reduces the cost of construction of the project.

Know More About Coal and Coal Steel Storage Silo 

Coal and Coal Slag 

Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds or coal seams. Coal has been used as an energy resource, burning for the production of electricity and heat, and is also used for industrial purposes, such as refining metals. Coal is the main source of energy of electricity in the world. But the byproducts such as co2 and so2 have a big influence to environment and health effects including Climate change. Coal slag is smaller in shape than coal, it can release less byproducts during the process of burning. Coal and coal slag are more easily be oxidized in the explore of air, and spontaneous combustion will occur in the sun and the high temperature environment. Using steel silo for storing coal and coal slag is necessary whether on the point of safety or oxidation resistance.

Coal and Coal Steel Storage Silo

Compared with open-air storage, using steel silo for storing coal and coal slag is a innovation, it can bring commercial and social effects for us. 

Economical Use of Land

Using large capacity steel silo for storing coal and coal slag can save land economical, for it can store 20T of coal each square meter. More space can be used for other industrial production. 

Reduce Environment Pollution

Totally closed storage of coal and coal slag solve the dust-rising problem in the condition of ensuring ventilation of coal. It helps to protect the environment. 

Economy and Cost Saving

It need large buckets turbine for excavating coal in coal storage yard, while the coal can drop itself owning to its weight storing in steel silo, which can reach high working efficiency. 

As a professional steel silo supplier in China, AGICO group have professional working team, advanced technology and equipment, unique manufacturing methods and mechanized operations. We engages in manufacturing reliable and durable steel silo for the world. We have successfully built superior quality steel silos in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and Australia, etc. AGICO will make its best to establish superior-quality steel silos to meet your the requirements of our customers. 

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