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Lipp silo, or called spiral steel silo, applies the most advanced spiral undercutting technology in steel silo construction industry. Lipp silos are now widely used in material storage systems in many countries for many advantages. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of spiral steel silos, AGICO is committed to offering you the best customized steel silo solutions for storing cement, fly ash, coal, sand, petroleum coke and other industrial powders. With years of experience in steel silo construction field, we are capable of providing all-round quality service for your silo project, from plant layout, physical design, silo building, equipment installation & commission to technical guidance. Our goals and objectives are offering the tailor-made plan for your silo project, guiding you to master the core technology of steel silos and building your future!

Steel Silo Building Processing
Professional Manufacturer

AGICO believes in the motto of "Elite Creates the Best" and gathers a large number of professional engineers who have engaged in this industry for nearly 20 years with specialized competencies in project consultation, steel structural construction, technology, electrogas welding, and machinery manufacture. From the research and design to project construction, pre-sale consulting to after-sale service, AGICO provides you with an authentic experience of superior AGICO Quality through professionalism.

 AGICO is specialized in research, development, design of all kinds of material storage technology, as well as the sale and maintenance of other related products. Our product portfolio covers various industries, such as the construction materials, chemicals, grain and oil, slag and fly ash and sewage treatment as well.

Spiral Folding Principal

AGICO steel silo is possessed with the most advanced spiral undercutting technology in the world. While constructing, coil sheet of 495 mm in width is shaped through the shaping machine, bent by the bending machine, and then undercut to form a spiral protruding strip of 30-40mm in width around the silo body. The thickness of the strip is five times thicker than the basic coil sheet to increase the strength of the silo body. Our shaping machine is also able to fold two different steel sheets together at once.

Galvanized Coil

Coiling Principle

Bending Process

Bending Undercut